Target groups

The courses have been designed for different target groups.

    ■Musicians with a focus on violin 

    ■Musicians from different instrumental groups 

    ■Further training events for music teachers, courses for non-musicians
    ■Courses for children, young people and adults

Course contents

Course contents depend on the target groups
The goal is for musicians to reflect their own playing technique by analysing the technique of prominent musicians. It is not just the interpretation that is the main focus. Much rather it is the movement sequences, foundations of sound production and phrasing, vibrato variants, stage behaviour etc. necessary for the interpretation. Encountering the phenomena of musical execution is interesting to non-musicians on several levels. No only confrontation with the physical requirements of playing an instrument, but also the opening and transformation of emotional contents can be experienced by non-musicians. The experience gained as a result is relevant to almost all other fields of work.

Course structure

The lessons are structured into three different subsets:

  1. Private lessons
  2. Individual film recordings with analyses
  3. Film lectures
    In addition the purely violin courses have piano and dress rehearsals as well as a final concert. Depending on the target-group orientation and content focus, the course length can vary from one to seven days.

Course structure

  • Aachen: Haus „L’art du Violon“
  • Bamberg: Otto Friedrich Universität
  • Hauset: Martin Buber Universität
  • Kerken: Gemeindehaus
  • Köln: Hochschule für Musik und Tanz – Sommerakademie
  • Wendlinghausen: Schloss Wendlinghausen
  • Valbert: Haus Nordhelle

Information about the current course programme is available upon request