Film project

„Das Geheimnis der Virtuosen“

Portrayal of the parallelism of artistic and psychophysiological phenomena among very different prominent musicians. The theories are illustrated by comparative scenes from the visual arts, sport, the world of technology and the animal kingdom. In various interviews instrumentalists, professional athletes and visual artists talk about their secrets.

Book project

My dissertation will result in an expanded book with an integrated DVD

Educational games console console for teaching an instrument

Together with Cologne University of Applied Science (Prof C. Ruschitzka) we are developing a new educational games console to simulate posture and movement forms when playing musical instruments. We take as the starting point the latest successes in rehabilitation treatment of very young patients. The training takes place in front of a Power Wall with playing simulations.


Public presentation of a multimedia concept for conservatoires. One of the things we will be doing is presenting a video conference with the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Marta Casals Istomin introduced the educational potential of this technology.

Continuing further development of a camera studio with six different cameras to be used at conservatoires. Comparative images are shown to the subject using image splitters. As a result of the increased potential for perception and the confrontation with related problems and solution strategies, highly potent transformation processes can be triggered among the students.

Preparation of the lectures for the virtual conservatoire

3D animation of prominent instrumentalists

Joint project with the University of Geneva with Professor Thalman. Using different film material, long-dead instrumentalists and their movement forms can be reconstructed in a 3D animation. New research areas can be generated here.