Spontaneous reactions to the lectures:

Pinchas Zukerman: „ …I perfectly agree with you…”

Aaron Rosand: “ …. Ramirez, you are a keen observer….”

Erick Friedman: “ ….you are absolutely right…..”

Prof. Charles André Linale: “…this knowledge has to be brought back to the Paris Conservatoire…”

Prof. Claus Reichardt: “…that’s real didactics of the specialism…“

Prof. Gorjan Kosuta: “…the lectures are always a treat for the academy… “

Prof. Andreas Röhn in einem TV Interview: “…I was amazed that someone could be so to the point in such a short time. I would hardly have dared write a book about it, even if it were 500 pages. A real gain for every musician, from student to soloist…”

Prof. Igor Ozim nach der ersten Pause “…I’ll write you any letter of recommendation…”

Prof. Daniel Gaede, Professor in Nuremberg and former leader of the Vienna Philharmonic in a radio interview: “…the pedagogic concept offers a wide range of advantages. I think that the students and the professors will be inspired to think in a new way about playing the violin and to leave entrenched habits by the wayside. The wealth of information is provided here in a density and compactness second to none…”

Prof. Ulrike Dierick:“…You can’t imagine what you’ve started with your lectures here. Even my highly critical colleagues were thrilled…”