The following research subjects can be listed to date:

    ■Development of observation parameters for posture and movement forms, as well as for expressive aspects.

    ■Archiving and processing film, photographic and graphic material.

    ■Virtual implementation of current and historic teaching instructions.

    ■Creation of an instrumental 
    ■Creation of an encyclopaedia (reference work on instrumental pedagogics)

    ■Analysis of posture and movement metamorphoses 

    ■Development of a virtual test procedure and practice methods for pedagogic and artistic training 

    ■Development of qualitative ear training 

    ■Generating an international nomenclature for pedagogic and scientific work.

    ■Integrating and pursuing research methods


    ■Acquisition of fundamental knowledge in the field of instrumental didactics, especially of international basic literature 

    ■Acquisition of a broad knowledge of the repertoire of different styles and genres for solo and chamber music instrumentation

    ■The ability to select, from a didactic perspective, suitable literature for beginners’ and more advanced lessons

    ■Appropriate insight into the structure of playing and learning processes during elementary instruction.

    ■Insight into the psychophysical processes involved in learning an instrument among different age groups and different human typologies

    ■The ability to plan and observe private instrument lessons 

    ■Recognizing and differentiating between postures and movement forms according to formal, physiological, functional and aesthetic aspects

    ■Fundamental knowledge of historic and contemporary postures and movement forms for different groups of instruments

    ■Acquisition of fundamental knowledge of physiology, motorics, biomechanics with regard to their application to teaching instruments 

    ■Systematic analyses of posture and movement using current media technologies.

    ■Developing a deeper understanding of instrument-specific physiology, motorics and biomechanics.

    ■Discourse of variants in postures and movements when playing an instrument.

    ■Teaching practice with test subjects in different age groups and formations 

    ■Teaching-practice analyses

    ■Parameters for the analysis of performances at different levels 

    ■Didactically relevant basic terms from psychology 

    ■Fundamental knowledge of the construction of different instruments, the ability to categorize them by historical and technical criteria